10 Unique Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day and Beyond

10 Unique Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day and Beyond

Great dads play a very special role in the fabric of our lives. They help us build character. They teach us about life’s practicalities. They are our fixers, our menders, and our protectors.

Father’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate the roles our fathers play and thank them for their love and support. But choosing just the right gift for a dad isn’t always an easy thing to do. Chances are good that he doesn’t need another tie. So what exactly can you get him that would be enjoyable and yet different?

Wonder no more! Here are 10 unique gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day and beyond!

10 unique gift ideas for Dad


Dads can be very sentimental. Often, they are the ones behind the camera, shooting photos, taking videos, and making memories. Men also tend to be big into history. What’s could be more important than your preserving your own family history? Legacybox allows your dad to pull all of those great memories into one digital place and ensures that those memories will be around to be enjoyed for years to come. To check out the different packages available, CLICK HERE.

Mary Kay® Men’s Skin Care Regime

Men do think about skin care. However, going out and buying skin care can be a different story. Women are very knowledgeable about skin care products. Men, less so. Let’s fact it — even we women sometimes get confused by all the choices. The Mary Kay Men’s Skin Care Regime set makes skin care for men easy! It includes a daily face wash, shave foam, eye cream, and facial hydrator for moisturizing that includes a SPF 30 sunscreen.

Shopping for Mary Kay products is easy! Visit my Mary Kay Personal Web Site for 24-hour shopping convenience: https://www.marykay.com/patricialacroix.

“King of the Grill” Personalized Cutting Board

You know your dad’s the grill master. He knows he’s the grill master. Why shouldn’t the whole world know, too? This personalize cutting board says it all! Crafted in South Wales, this board can be made in your choice of hevea wood or natural slate, and is then finished with a food-safe varnish. You can even add a little message to the back side as well. Every time he preps to do the grilling, he’ll think of you. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Philips Norelco SP9820/87 Shaver 9000 Prestige

Shavers aren’t that unique, in and of themselves. But this particular shaver is. It’s a wet/dry electric shaver, and that means exactly what it says. Your dad can use it for convenient dry shave or a comfortable wet shave with gel or foam. And he can even use it in the shower! It’s also got a “BeardAdapt Sensor” that checks the hair’s density and then adapts accordingly to give you a great shave. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Karaoke Microphone Wireless Singing Machine

Does your dad love to sing? If so, he no longer has to resign that activity to the shower. This Bluetooth wireless karaoke microphone is compatible with all sorts for electronic devices to allow him to sing and entertain to his heart’s content. The built-in speaker allows for good sound, and the rechargeable lithium battery gives it extra long life. It’s comfortable to hold, too, so he’ll never want to put it down! CLICK HERE to see it for yourself.

Carnivore Club

Have you heard of the Fruit of the Month Club? How about a Meat of the Month? If your dad loves meat, this is the subscription box for him! He will get 4 to 6 handcrafted cured meats every month. It even includes a meat-eater’s handbook with details about the products and the artisan who created them. You can cancel at anytime, and shipping is free. As Farmer Vincent said in the movie Motel Hell: “Meat’s meat, and a man’s gotta eat!” To start the subscription, CLICK HERE.

Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar and Serving Cart

When it’s time to unwind, your dad can just roll out this cart, sit back, and relax with a favorite cocktail! He’ll appreciate the cart’s masculine design elements, such as the sturdy black metal frame and tempered glass top shelf. He’ll also like that the assembly is as easy as the cart will be to enjoy. Cheers! CLICK HERE to check it out.

Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

Does your dad have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Maybe this sound machine can help! It provides all types of sounds that can soothe you to sleep, including nature sounds, fan sounds, and other types of white noise. There are 30 sounds in all. The sleep timer gently reduces the volume after 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes, allowing you to drift off. And good news for Mom — there’s a headphone jack, just in case she doesn’t care to hear the sounds. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Is your dad always on his feet? Then the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager will be a real treat! It relieves tired feet and helps improve blood flow with deep kneading, shiatsu rolling, and heat functions. All he has to do is hit the wireless remote, and the comfort begins. Includes a one year full warranty. To get him this extra-special gift, CLICK HERE.

Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner

The ultimate in relaxation! This recliner is like a dad’s THRONE (and we aren’t talking about the one in the bathroom). What does it have? What doesn’t it have! It’s got power recline with the touch of button. It’s got arm storage. It’s got its own outlet and two USB charging plugs hidden in the arm storage. There’s a swivel tray for a laptop or snacks. Don’t forget the cup holder! Once he gets on this recliner, he might never want to get off! CLICK HERE to learn more.

And then, there’s Cashcard

Cashcard works TWO ways. You can buy your Dad a gift card at a discount. That’s win-win for you and him! There are hundreds of merchants to choose from. One is sure to be a hit!

However, Cashcard is unique in that it will also buy and exchange gift cards.

What? You can SELL a gift card? Yes, you can!

So, if Dad gets any gift cards for stores and merchandise that he really doesn’t care for, Cashcard offers a solution. By using Cashcard, he can either trade those gift cards for ones he rather have and would use, or he can sell them to Cashcard for money (albeit at a reduced value).

By using Cashcard, Dad can still receive something he truly wants. To get started with Cashcard, just CLICK HERE.