Work-at-Home Moms: Find Everything You’re Missing by Joining The Wonder Mom Success Club

Work-at-Home Moms: Find Everything You’re Missing by Joining The Wonder Mom Success Club

Work-at-home moms! Are you thinking about or have you started your own business from home? If so, I need to discuss some important things with you — what you’re missing.

Oh, I know… When you hear people talking about working from home, it all sounds so wonderful and idyllic! But there are a few things — important things — that you’ll miss when you are a work-at-home mom. When it happened to me, I personally grieved the loss.

First, before I fully explain, you need to understand that I know what it’s like to be a work-at-home mom. I’ve been working from home in some way, shape, or form for more than 30 years. I’ve been doing it full on for more than 20 years.

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What I left behind when I left my job to be a work-at-home mom

I also know what it feels like to be an employee. After I left my J-O-B and began working from home many years ago, I quickly discovered that lost two things I had when I was employed. And for me, those things were hugely important. But now, as I worked from home, those things were gone from my life — and I missed them greatly. Here’s what I lost:

1) Socializing. Any one who knows me knows I’m a complex being when it comes to being social. I’m very much an introvert. I grew up as an only child, and I do very well by myself. In fact, sometimes, I prefer to be myself. It was something my late husband never fully understood about me. But other introverts will know exactly what I’m talking about.

By the same token, I’m very talkative, and I like being around people. I can get very lonely if I go too long by myself. I do need that human connection.

I never had to worry about that at work. My workmates were my community. Not only did we work together, we also went out and played together. More often than not, I was the one who planned the outings. I really did enjoy being a part of that community.

Suddenly, I’m a mom, working at home, all by my lonesome… and it was different. I had lost that sense of COMMUNITY I enjoyed so much at my workplace. It became particularly noticeable when both of my kids had started to attend school. The house was now completely EMPTY, except for me. I missed being around people.

2) Education. I used to bounce ideas off my fellow co-workers all the time. And, I used to learn from them as well, every day. I truly enjoyed being able to do that. In my business, as I’m sure is also true of other industries, with technology ever-changing, there was always something NEW to learn. If you didn’t learn it, you got behind the eight ball fast.

But, when I started my at-home business, I lost that opportunity to learn from others. Oh, how I missed that, in such a BIG way! Besides feeling that loss, I was also worried that, in my absence, employees who were physically “on the job” would be moving ahead faster than me, and ultimately, passing me by when it came to technical and industry knowledge.

Finding what work-at-home moms lose:
The Wonder Mom Success Club

Very recently, however, I was introduced to a great program that helps deal, in a virtual way, with both of these very important things that get lost when we moms decide to work at home.

It’s called “THE WONDER MOM SUCCESS CLUB.” It’s an online membership club that gives you what you are missing: that important sense of community, as well as that badly needed education, which helps you stay on top of your industry and career.

I love that this online club not just for work-at-home women, but specifically for MOMS. That was the whole reason I wanted to work at home — to be a mom. I wanted to spend more time with my 1 1/2-year-old daughter (and later, my son). I didn’t want to miss seeing my children grow up.

But as you probably know, it’s difficult to run a business AND be a parent. That’s a lot to juggle.

Thankfully, the club deals with that issue! It covers work-life balance and time management — two real “pain points” for work-at-home moms. Moreover, it helps you be both a better business owner and a better mom! You’ll learn how to better understand the needs and wants of your children. And, you’ll also learn how to run your business successfully, so that you can make an income that allows you to stay at home and be a mom to your kids.

Plus, you get community — an online place where entrepreneurial moms help other entrepreneurial moms. You learn from each other. You share. You talk about what works and what doesn’t work. You can safely vent about your problems. You can get advice. You can pick brains. And through it all, you get that sense of fulfillment that only comes from socialization — without having to leave your house or your home office!

I think it’s a great idea. So I’m passing news of this club along to you. It’s a group that can help support working moms in a very special and deliberate way.

If you are interested, there’s a special BONUS being offered right now! Sign up no later than Friday, Jan. 31, 2020 at midnight, and you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how the club’s moderator handles her own affiliate marketing business, along with a template she uses to keep her business organized. There is also an upcoming “masterclass interview” with an affiliate marketing coach, along with an implementation challenge to help online affiliate marketing businesses get up and running quickly.

So as you can see, this club is not only for established mom-preneurs, but also for those who are just getting started, particularly with an online business!

If you are interested in The Wonder Mom Success Club, click HERE to get started. The monthly fee, in my opinion, is low when you consider all that you get — important things you lost when you left your job, and maybe you didn’t think you’d ever get back. (And, of course, it’s a business expense that you can write off.)

Of course, I personally love being a work-at-home mom. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. If that’s the lifestyle you desire too, don’t be afraid to reach out for support. The Wonder Mom Success Club is one great way to get that support.

Click HERE to get started today with The Wonder Mom Success Club!